of|fer1 W1S1 [ˈɔfə US ˈo:fər, ˈa:-] v
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: offrir, from Latin offerre, from ferre 'to carry']
1.) [T]
to ask someone if they would like to have something, or to hold something out to them so that they can take it
offer sb sth
Can I offer you something to drink?
They offered him a very good job, but he turned it down.
offer sth to sb
Maureen lit a cigarette and offered one to Lucy.
The drama school offers places to students who can show talent.
2.) [I and T]
to say that you are willing to do something
I don't need any help, but it was nice of you to offer.
offer to do sth
My dad has offered to pick us up.
The newspaper offered to apologise for the article.
3.) [T]
to provide something that people need or want
offer advice/help/support etc
Your doctor should be able to offer advice on diet.
offer an opportunity/chance/possibility
The course offers the opportunity to specialize in the final year.
A number of groups offer their services free of charge.
The Centre offers a wide range of sports facilities.
offer sth to sb
I did what I could to offer comfort to the family.
4.) have sth to offer (sb)
to have qualities, opportunities etc that people are likely to want or enjoy
Canada has much to offer in terms of location and climate.
He felt he had nothing to offer her that she wanted.
5.) [T]
to say that you are willing to pay a particular amount of money for something
offer (sb) sth for sth
They've offered us £75,000 for the house.
The police are offering a reward for any information.
6.) offer (up) a prayer/sacrifice etc
to pray to God or give something to God
7.) offer itself
formal if an opportunity to do something offers itself, it becomes available to you
I'll raise the subject when a suitable occasion offers itself.
8.) offer your hand (to sb)
to hold out your hand in order to shake hands with someone
offer 2
offer2 W1S2 n
1.) a statement saying that you are willing to do something for someone or give them something
offer of help/support/friendship etc
Thank you for your offer of help.
The company withdrew their offer of employment.
Have you had any job offers ?
accept/take up an offer
(=say yes to an offer)
She accepted their offer of rent-free accommodation.
turn down/refuse/decline an offer
(=say no to an offer)
I can't turn down the offer of a free trip to Milan!
offer to do sth
His offer to resign will be accepted.
2.) an amount of money that you are willing to pay for something
Will you accept their offer ?
make (sb) an offer (for/on sth)
(=offer a particular amount of money for something)
Within 20 minutes they were prepared to make us an offer.
The company made an offer of $5 million for the site.
a generous/good offer
'I'll be interested if Newcastle make me a good offer,' said the 25-year-old striker.
be open to offers
(=be ready to consider people's offers and lower your original price)
We're asking £2500, but we're open to offers.
3.) a reduction of the price of something in a shop for a short time
All special offers advertised in this brochure are subject to availability.
offer on
There's a free offer on orders over £45.
To take advantage of this offer (=buy something at the reduced price) , complete the attached forms.
4.) on offer
a) available to be bought, chosen, or used
Activities on offer include sailing, rowing, and canoeing.
I was impressed with the designs on offer.
b) BrE for sale for a short time at a cheaper price than usual
Lean minced beef is on offer this week.
5.) under offer
BrE if a house that is for sale is under offer, someone has offered to buy it for a particular price

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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